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Live Cryptanthus Bromeliad Plant, Cryptanthus bivittatus Pink Star,

Live Cryptanthus Bromeliad Plant, Cryptanthus bivittatus Pink Star,

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Indoor Flowering Plant, Earth Star House Plant in Pot, Bromeliads Live Plants in Soil, Colorful Potted Houseplant by Plants for Pets

  • CRYPTANTHUS EARTH STAR: A star-shaped rosette with vibrant variegation, this perennial grows slender and serrated leaves that resemble a star.
  • LONGITUDINAL STRIPES: A cryptanthus plant will grow small and close to the soil with pale stripes along the leaves that create impressive depth.
  • EASY TO GROW: The cryptanthus pink star colors will brighten when placed in indirect sunlight, making them easy to grow. These live indoor plants thrive in an indoor planter with free-draining bromeliad potting mix.
  • HOME DECOR HOUSEPLANTS: Bromeliad plants often do not exceed six inches tall, making them ideal for small pots and indoor planter boxes. Display on a kitchen table, office desk, or near existing air plants, bromeliads, other houseplants and room decorations to bring your living space to life.
  • AESTHETIC GIFT IDEAS: Plant in a fairy rock garden or terrarium kit to surprise that special someone. This species can thrive in a decorative bowl, on a shelf, or underneath a hanging plant, too.
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